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Rentals can be so helpful when you are planning a party. We have many rentals to choose from, tables (standard height and picnic height), votives, large and small, pillows, blankets, umbrellas with stands, chargers, chairs, and much more. Please look below to take a look of what you need for your next event. Our rentals can be booked for up to 3 days. If you need more time, pleae let us know.

*Please email at honeysucklepicnics21@gmail or fill out an inquiry form on our home page or at the bottom of this page.

Larger parties.jpg

Large Picnic Style Table (12 person table) $125

Standard Wood Table.PNG

Standard Size (10 person table) $125


Pillows! Pillows! Pillows! (6 total) $35

White Beach Chairs.jpg

Black Umbrellas with Umbrella Stands (3 total) $30

Hayden Mccall PIC.jpg

White Fringe Umbrella with Umbrella Stand (3 total) $30

Picnic for 4.jpg

Beautiful Fringe Canopy $60

Gold Charger

Beautiful Gold Chargers with Gold Beads

$2 each

Clear with Gold Bead Chargers

Beautiful Clear with Gold Bead Chargers $2 each

Large Black Hurricanes_edited.png

Gold Medium and Large Candle Votives (10 Medium & 10 Large) $6 each

Gold Votives Rentals

Black Medium and Large Candle Votives (10 Medium & 10 Large) $6 each

Ribbed Tall votives_edited.png

Clear Ribbed Votives (Small and Medium)  $1 each

Gold Photo Backdrop Rental

Gold Round Balloon Arch/Photo Backdrop  $25

White Chair

White Resin Padded Folding Chairs $ 3.00 

Black Charger_edited.png

Beautiful Black  Chargers with a texture

$2 each

White Plate Rental_edited.png

Plate, 10 " White Plate

$1 each

Cocktail Table Rental

Cocktail Tables with White or Black Tablecloths... $25 

Banquet Table Rental

72" Table Seats 8 to 10 People $10 each

Vintage Glass_edited.png

Vintage Clear Drinking Glasses $1

Wedding Rental

Coming Soon...


Honeysuckle Picnics

Reach out to plan and customize your next experience.


Coeur d'Alene, ID 

Contact us today! If you have questions or need an inquiry, we would love to help design and plan with you! 

Thanks for submitting!

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